Course Description and Lectures

Under Construction
Under Construction
Marketing management in financial and banking institutions
Leadership and Motivation
Human Resources Development
Operations Research
Introduction to Marketing
Principles of administration
Rehabilitation and training management
intermediate Accounting 2
Cost Accounting 2
Accounting of persons companies
Administrative Accounting
Analysis of financial statements
Electronic banks
Quality Management
Essentials of Financial Management
International Banking Operations
International Business
Negotiation Management
Islamic Banks
Financial derivatives
Credit decisions
Foreign Exchange Management
International Accounting
International Auditing Standards
Business Unification Accounting
Accounting of Funds Companies
Strategic Management of Human Resources
Investment Portfolio Management
Tax Accounting
Contemporary Accounting Problems
Accounting Principles1
Private Financial Accounting
Public Relations
Decision Making and Crisis Management
Non-Profit Non-Governmental Organizations Accounting
Public Finance
Human Resource Management
Organizational Behavior
Introduction to Marketing
Principles of administration
Rehabilitation and training management
Accounting principles 2
Accounting of Financial and Banking Institutions
Feasibility Studies
Investment and Finance Management
Public Administration
Population and Labor Market Economies
English for Business
Accounting Information systems
Business Mathematics
Legal Environment for Business
Strategic Management
Total Economy
Cost Accounting 1
Intermediate Accounting 1
Management information systems (1)
International Monetary and Financial Institutions
Insurance Operations Management
Risk Management in Financial and Banking Institutions
Information Systems and Financial and Banking Research Methods
Financial Management
Evolution of Economic Thought
Money and Banking
Change Management
Marketing Management
Introduction to Production Management and Operations
Statistics for business and economics
International Management
Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
Business and E-commerce

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