Vision & Objectives


The Faculty of Business Administration believes in the importance of transferring up-to-date knowledge in the areas of business and management to empower students with relevant leadership and management competencies. Students are offered education and training of the highest quality and are equipped with the right skills to compete successfully in the local, regional or international labour markets. Students are taught through a value-centered approach where professionalism and excellence in community service prevail. Quality education, training and scientific research are the basis for academic activities at the Faculty.


  •  To equip students with technical and competitive skills; this is provided through an academic environment that maintains pace with the recent advancements of the field.
  •  To continuously and systematically develop and improve academic programmes to respond to the labour market requirements.
  •  To provide students the needed and related skills such as critical and creative thinking, business analysis, conflict management and decision making. 
  •  To integrate theory to practice in order to bridge the gap between academic life and the professional practical world.
  •  To create an inspiring work environment for academic staff that empowers on-going development and encourages delivering the highest standards, both in research and teaching.
  •  To support research and impact on knowledge in the field of business administration, and to reflect research on practice in order to impact on business and community.
  •  To empower relations with labour market and employers in the aim of developing curriculum to match their needs.
  •  To empower relations with Arab or international related institutions and organisations, believing that such relations would create prospects for academics, students and alumni.
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