Vision & Objectives


The Faculty of Dentistry aspires to facilitate the development of a distinguished generation of highly educated and qualified dentists following ethical codes of the career. Students are inspired to keep track with the latest developments in the field even after graduation. Graduates are extensively trained using the latest academic approaches and methodologies and on the latest dental technologies and equipments. The Faculty stresses the importance of building and empowering relations and cooperation with local, regional and international universities and dental healthcare bodies. This is all geared towards developing dental healthcare services to reflect on the needs of the Syrian community. 

1- Providing students with knowledge in the basic & medical sciences which   is  necessary to understand clinical dental sciences. 

2- Providing students with necessary knowledge to diagnose dental and oral injuries, and develop comprehensive treatment plans that take into consideration the patients' needs.

3- Providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills that they need  to treat dental and oral problems according to the principles of Modern Dentistry.

4-Treating proficiently patients of Dental clinics who have systemic diseases.

5-  Taking into consideration the needs of oral treatment and psychological support for patients with Special Needs.

6-  Mastering preventive measures in dentistry.

7-  Providing necessary knowledge and skills to meet the need of oral health in the Society.

8-  Practicing dentistry according to a high level of moral values to guarantee patients' rights.

9-  Applying the principles of infection control and job safety to ensure the safety of dental patients and all members of the medical and dental staff.

10-   Developing the skills of self-learning and continuous education.

11-  Developing the skills in the fields of medical informatics.

12- Using Arabic Language and specific medical English Language professionally while practicing Dentistry.

13- Developing critical thinking skills, learning systematic criticism of researches, and learning the principles of scientific research. Participating in research activities related to the field of oral health, and developing the practice of Dentistry which is based on evidences.  

14-  Developing the skills of time-management and team work. 

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