Office of Public Relations

Directorate of Public Relations, Media and Marketing is a key component of the University. Through its three divisions,directorate strives to develop the university’s relations with community educational institutions and all organizations and bodies, which will deepen coordination and cooperation and positively reflect on the university vision and objectives. The directorate’s priorities areconcentrated on developing and enhancingthe University’s image and reputation, locally and internationally. This is conducted through paying attention to achieve a best overall university’s impression and transmit it through the most effective media to the society, in addition to the directorate role as a connection between the university and media for keeping the society continuously informed on the university’s objectives and activities.

Main Tasks of the Directorate:  

1. Develop relations and cooperation with other private or public universities and educational institutions for serving the university objectives and acquaint its activities.

2. Organize and receive local and foreign visiting delegates, set and execute visiting plans.

3. Organize symposia and conferences at the university, and work to present the university in the best image.

4. Organize university participations in local, national and regional events.

5. Conduct public media surveys, analyze and present them before the university presidency to develop and enhance the educational, administrative and service performance level.

6. Establish a public relation network with suppliers of the directorate’s relevant requirements and objectives.

7. Link the university’ students and their families with the university’s presidency, to bridge any possible gap between the University’s procedures and theirinterests.

8. Strive tirelessly to contribute to exhibit a positive image of the university and its educational and administrative staff.

9. Organize and ensure an influent and impressive university’s participation in exhibitions related to educational processes.

10. Establishpositive, informative and transparent relations with public media to highlight the university’s activities.

11. Develop and update continuously the University’s website.

12. Produce promotional films on University and screen them before university’s visitors and interested persons.

13  Issue brochures, leaflets and all informative publications those introduce the university to the people and prospective students.

14. Prepare and executing marketing plans and strategies and all needed procedures for implementing them.

15. Helpin plan and execute studentsactivities programs.

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