Announce to complete the payment of the second semester 2018-2019

Our dear students,
Due to the near date of the final exams, we call on students who have financial obligation to head to the banks accredited to the university without heading to the financial administration at the university to complete the payment of the second semester 2018-2019, before the end of Thursday, 2019/5/9. Lists of students' financial receivables have been sent to accredited banks.
Bank branches accredited for payment:
- Byblos Bank (Al Shaalan Branch or Al Mazza Branch)
Account number: 2400601000003
- Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi (Al Sham Branch, 29 May Street Branch, Bab Touma Branch, Al Harika Branch,
Damar Branch, Jaramana Branch, Abbasid Branch, Mazza Branch).
Account number: 0362064001
- International Islamic Bank of Syria (Mazza East Villas, Al-Mazza, Al-Harika Branch, 29 May Street, Al-Rawda Square, Al-Dama Rose Branch, Al-Sham City Center).
Account number: 5-200105

We wish you best of success

Presidency of University


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