Announcement of Registration and Payment of Tuition Fees for the Second Semester 2022/2023

The following procedures shall be adopted for registration and payment of tuition fees in the second semester of the year 2022/2023

First: Payment of previous financial liabilities, and the advance payment for registration:

 The student must pay university fees through accredited banks, accompanied by his university card, and without the need for audit of the Finance Directorate; Starting from Monday 16/01/2023, when the student must pay all previous receivables up to
The end of the first semester 2022/2023 and an advance payment according to the following schedule:
The academic system amounts due
Credit Hours The student pays (12) credit hours at the beginning of the semester + the ensuing semester registration fee
Semester system, the student pays (50%) of the semester fees. The student pays the remaining balance of university fees after confirming his registration in the college, until the end of the official working hours from
On Thursday 4/20/2023

Second: Second Semester 2022-2023:

The student is considered personally scientifically, financially and administratively responsible, and registration by others is not accepted except by virtue of a power of attorney
Valid law, or with a special authorization by the student approved by the Dean of the College. Online registration for the second semester begins for students starting on Friday 01/27/2023 after midnight until Friday 02/03/2023, (except for students who are expected to graduate by the end of the second semester and who have 21 hours or less to complete their study plan, as they will be allowed to register on Wednesday and Thursday in 25-26/01/2023, in addition to the struggling and depleted students whose cumulative averages fell below 1.5 points.
They will be allowed to register on Thursday 01/26/2023, and in the absence of registration, the university will not be obligated to secure a vacancy seat for them during the registration period) and the registration period is divided according to the completed hours shown in the student's academic file at the end of the first semester results, according to the following table:

1) Through the university website (Learnata student account) / electronic registration:
Day, date, time, hours completed in all faculties
Friday 01/27/2023

From 12:00 am starting at 170 hours
From 09:00 am starting at 140 hours
From 04:00 pm starting at 110 hours
Saturday 01/28/2023 from 12:00 am starting at 90 hours
From 04:00 pm starting from 70 hours

Sun 01/29/2023 from 12:00 am starting from 50 hours to 109 hours
From 04:00 pm starting from 30 hours to 109 hours
Monday 01/30/2023 from 12:00 am starting from 15 hours to 69 hours
From 04:00 pm starting from 0 hours to 69 hours

Tuesday 01/31/2023
Wed 01/02/2023
Thursday 02/02/2023
Friday 02/03/2023

From 12:00 am for students at all levels for those who missed registration on the scheduled date according to their completed hours.

2) Through internal electronic registration (during official working hours):
The internal registration is done by the students personally in the computer laboratories distributed in the university buildings, within official working hours and according to the approved hour segments shown in the table above, and their entry to the mentioned laboratories is regulated under the supervision of the university branch of the National Union of Syrian Students.

3) Internal registration (also) is applied through (academic advising) in colleges, for those who missed electronic registration or who they were unable to register electronically according to the credit hour segments shown in the following table:

Day, date, hours completed in medical colleges;

Saturday 04/02/2023 for all students expected to graduate for those who have 21 hours left or less
Sunday 05/02/2023 starting from 70 hours
Monday 06/02/2023 starting from 30 hours
Tuesday 02/07/2023 for all students - for all credit hours completed

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