Caesarean Section And Its Relation With Preterm Births In Alzahrawi Hospital – Damascus – During Syrian Crisis

Hisham Al-Hammami, Iman Al-Solh, Abdulmajeed Al-Olabi and Rahaf Al-Sous
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Syrian Private, University. Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic.

This research aim to study the prevalence of caesarean section (CS) in Al-Zahrawi hospital in Damascus and to investigate if it affects the preterm births (< 37 weeks of gestational age) by increasing its rate during the Syrian crisis period (2011 – 2018) this study is a cross-sectional study, and to study this we gathered our data from the archive of Al-Zahrawi hospital and then calculated the rate of CSs that occurred at a gestational age < 37 weeks and the rate of all CSs and calculated the percentage of the first rate from the second rate in each year of the above
then compared the results of each year with the year before the Syrian crisis (2010) . Data were analyzed by using Spss 25.0, our results showed that there was no significant evidence if the increased CS rate caused a rise in the preterm births rate however this may be due to the limited sample size.

Keywords: Caesarean Section, Preterm births, Statistical, Syrian crisis.


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