Vision & Objectives


The Faculty of Petroleum Engineering aims at being a leading provider of quality graduates in petroleum engineering. Graduates are equipped with the professional skills to compete and affirm their qualifications in the competitive global market. Graduates are instilled with solid theoretical and practical knowledge and skills of oil and gas field discovery, drilling processes and other related applications. Our graduates are also skilled in estimating, studying and locating carbohydrate sites and setting effective methods of extracting in order to ensure maximum productivity.


  •  To prepare a well-qualified generation of petroleum engineers capable of contributing to the development of petroleum sector and serving the needs of the community.
  •  To provide students with the greatest theoretical and practical knowledge and experiences through collaboration with renowned specialists as well as the Faculty’s academics  to supervise student progress.
  •  To insure the development and maintenance of well-equipped and up-to-date laboratories serving the educational process.
  •  To continuously review the academic programmes and curriculum in order to match developments in the field.
  •   To contribute to knowledge and research, and to cooperate with related institutions and other petroleum faculties with the aim of sharing experience and knowledge of the latest technologies and advancements in the field.
Attachement Files

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