Course Description and Lectures

Measure and control
Remote Sensing Applications
Math 2
Well logging 2
Introduction to Petroleum Engineering
Fluid Properties
Gas Production Engineering
Fluids mechanics
Petroleum Geology
Rocks and Sedimentary Basins
English for Petroleum Engineers
General Physics
Maths 1
General and Inorganic Chemistry
Descriptive Geometry
Descriptive Geometry Practical
Descriptive Geometry Theoretical
General Geology
Differential Equations Statistics and probabilities (Engineering Maths)
Physical geology
Chemistry 2 (Physical Chemistry)
Electric Engineering (Fundamentals of Electric Engineering)
Analytic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Materials strength
Geochemistry of petroleum and gas
Drilling methods
Thermodynamics (Engineering Thermodynamics)
Oil Reservoir engineering I
Subsurface maps
Introduction to Computer (Computer skills)
Structural Geology
Remote Sensing
Well logging 1
Subsurface Fluids Hydraulics
Engineering Drawings
Engineering Mechnacis
Petroleum Production Engineering
Pressure, volume and heat PVT Laboratory
Gas reservoirs Engineering, Natural gas reservoirs
Writing technical reports
Oil Reservoir engineering II
Wells Designing (Wells completion and cementing)
Engineering Creativity
Mechanics of drilling & production equipment, Designing of production equipment
Enhanced extraction
Well Testing
Formations evaluation
Phase Behavior and Rreservoir Fluids characteristics
Industrial Management
Seismic and sequence stratigraphy
Fractured Rocks Characteristics
Reservoirs Simulation
Offshore drilling technology
Transport and storage of oil and gas
Directional & horizontal drilling Technique
Scientific thinking
Regional Geology
Reservoir rocks properties
Digital Methods
Mud & Cement Lab
Drilling & completion of oil wells
Petroleum Production Engineering
Drilling & completion practical
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