Admission & Registration

 The Directorate includes the following organizational units:

1- Admission Department.
2. Registration Section.
3. Documents and Alumni Section.
4. Any other department provided for by the rules of procedure of the University.
- The Directorate of Admissions and Registration shall provide the necessary forms, documents and records for the work of the above mentioned departments, including: (application for admission, registration card, withdrawal card, student register, certificates, graduates register, etc.) Certified for each student in a file of his own paper and electronically.
- Allocation of sufficient spaces to accommodate admission and registration staff, and the required work of the Directorate of warehouses for files and documents and others, and office space as is approved in Article (23) of the rules of scientific accreditation, for members of the faculty and administrative staff, (200) students.
- The number of students for each registrar or registration clerk should not exceed (500) students.
- All the Directorate's work related to admission, registration and computerized documents.
- The Directorate shall provide the Ministry of Higher Education with samples of signatures approved for persons authorized to sign documents, documents, all papers issued by the University, and official seals and forms of certificates granted by the University.
- Admission and Registration Directorate shall organize a program to accept students according to the admission plans approved by the University Council in the faculties of the University, based mainly on the general average and within the minimum rates set by the Higher Education Council for admission to each university college. Admission to university faculties.
- Supervision and commitment to implement the University's policy to accept students.
- Follow up the academic record of the student and the names of the dismissed academically to the Presidency of the University.
- Supervising and approving the graduation requirements for students who are expected to graduate.
- Supervising and monitoring the storage of personal and academic information for students electronically and preparing personal paper files for students.
- Making the required periodic reports and reports.
- Implementation of the central decisions issued by the competent councils and students and the academic system.
- Preparation of correspondence books that include the completion of students' files (ensure the validity of the secondary - the equation of the secondary - to ensure the authenticity of the statement of grades ....... etc.) in addition to answer all the books received from all parties.
- Organizing and auditing grades for graduate and non-graduate students.
- Organizing and auditing graduation documents and files of university life.

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