Student Affairs

The Directorate of Student Affairs and Central Examinations operates a central and effective role in the university by linking its work with all faculties and directorates by preparing and organizing all the students' affairs during their academic life and in order to develop the work according to the university policy.
The main tasks of the Directorate of Central Student Affairs are as follows:
1- Secretariat of Central Student Affairs Council and Central Discipline Committee.
2. Preparation of all correspondence related to equivalence of the decisions of students admitted to the university, transferred from other universities or admitted under a university degree or a technical institute certificate.
3 - Auditing the equivalence forms and follow up the issuance of decisions of the university councils, including the adoption of these forms.
4 - Prepare all the documents needed by the student during his university life such as (recruitment certificates - a course - to those interested ...) and other documents and correspondence needed by the student during his university life.
5 - granting students their university cards according to the approved bases.
6- Preparing the required reports regarding the central affairs of the students.
7 - Implementation of all disciplinary decisions issued by the Central Discipline Committee on the academic system.

8- Document the examination results issued by the colleges on the examination records and verify them in accordance with the laws governing the university

9 - Auditing the grades of all students and their rates by the central examinations and approval before the presentation of the decision to graduate on the relevant university councils.

10 - Follow-up with the colleges to implement the degree of students according to the powers granted to each body on the academic system.

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