The Syrian Private University (SPU) was licensed under Presidential Decree No. /339/ on 07.08.2005. It is an academic institution whose, regulations and curricula are  approved by the Syrian Ministry of Higher Education in the Syrian Arab Republic. SPU, therefore, is officially accredited in the Syrian Arab Republic.


The Syrian Private University is committed to the general accreditation rules. Its infrastructure includes a state-of-the-art campus that includes standard classrooms, laboratories equipped with latest scientific and technical instruments to meet the needs of students and teaching staff.

SPU facilities also feature a central library (continually updated with the most recent academic publications), restaurants and cafes, sports facilities, and green areas.

The University strives constantly to develop and improve its curricula and its scientific and research programs to make them relevant to the needs of society and to cope with international trends in scientific development.

Regionally, the Syrian Private University is a permanent accredited member of the Association of Arab Universities.


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