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-          English I & English II are courses required from all university students. English I  is a prerequisite for English II.

-          Students are required to achieve level B2 according to CEFR in order to be able to add English I.

-          All incoming freshmen need to take an international standardized test to determine their actual English language Level. The test administered for AY 2018-19 is The Oxford Online Placement Test.

-          Students who hold a valid TOEFL score (PBT 500, IBT 60) or IELTS 5.5) are exempt from taking the OOPT. Students should submit an original copy (for inspection) at the Office of International Relations and Academic Cooperation (President Office Building) for validation.

-          Student who achieve level B2 can immediately add English I through the Learnata academic system at their respective schools.

-          Level certificates, issued by Oxford English Testing, will be available for pick-up by students by Tuesday September 25 2018.

-          The preparatory English language levels at the Syrian Private University are divided as follows:

o   Level One (Enp_01): students achieve A0-A1 in OOPT

o   Level Two (Enp_02): students achieve A2 in OOPT

o   Level Three (Enp_03): students achieve B1 in OOPT

-          Contact hours: 4 hours per week in each level (4*15 weeks= 60 hours per level)

-          To pass a level, a student must attended at least 80% of class sessions, participate in class discussions and activities, and achieve 50% of the total grades need to pass.

-          Students can retake the OOPT during the first 2 weeks of each semester if they opt not to enroll in the Preparatory English Language Courses after paying the test fees.

-          The Preparatory English Language Courses are NOT compulsory but a possible choice for improving their English language skills. Course fees per level SP 40000.

-          Students are advised to organize their schedules in coordination with their academic advisors so that they can add English I by the start of their fourth semester at SPU.



1-      Preparatory Program




Oxford University Press

New Headway: Elementary

4th Edition

A 1

New Headway: Upper-Elementary

4th Edition


New Headway: Pre-Intermediate

4th Edition



2-      SPU Required Courses





Oxford University Press

Headway Academic Skills

Reading & Writing study skills

English I

English II


Elective Courses

English III  is an elective course. The textbooks are variable since the approach of English III is ESP oriented according to the disciplines of the students in class


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